AVA Board Meeting – May 10, 2022

Good afternoon and Happy Friday!

This email is a reminder of the AVA Annual Meeting that will be held virtually on May 10, 2022 at 1:30 EST.  Here is the Zoom link for the meeting:


The AVA Board will provide an overview of the goals and accomplishments and a review of the AVA budget.  We will also elect new Board members and will have an “Open Forum” discussion opportunity for you to ask questions or share thoughts.

I am attaching an agenda that you can use as a guide to our meeting.  We would love to have representatives from all across the country and encourage you to participate if you can.

There are eight total candidates running to serve on the AVA Board this year.  I am attaching AVA Board Election Questionnaires from seven of the eight candidates at this time.

The first four attached questionnaires are from current AVA Board members who are running for re-election.  The other three questionnaires are from administrators who are running to serve on the AVA Board for the first time this year.  I will send the last remaining questionnaire soon and I encourage you to find time to read over the questionnaires prior to the AVA Annual Meeting

Thank you in advance for your participation in this meeting.

Barry and the AVA Board


AVA 2022 Annual Meeting Draft Agenda

Amy Baynes 2022 Election Questionnaire

Julia Fuller Wilson 2022 Election Questionnaire

Shataun Hailey 2022 Election Questionnaire

Gene Nelson 2022 Election Questionnaire

Mark Hertwick 2022 Election Questionnaire

Moriah Pease 2022 AVA Election Questionnaire

Laura Quasney 2022 Election Questionnaire