OVW Webinar on VAWA Confidentiality Compliance – July 18

There will be an OVW Webinar that will take place on July 18th from 5pm – 6pm EST.

The webinar is for STOP and SASP administrators and will cover VAWA Confidentiality Compliance.

Marnie Shiels, OVW Attorney Advisor will discuss monitoring for VAWA confidentiality compliance.  Specifically, Marnie will address:

1) how to monitor STOP and SASP subgrantees for compliance with the confidentiality provision and;

2) how to effectively monitor subgrantees without violating the provision yourself.

As they prepare for this webinar, OVW welcomes you to send any questions that you may have in advance of the webinar so that they can be better prepared to address and answer your questions during the webinar.

If you prefer not to be identified as submitting the question, just let me know and I will forward your question/comment to OVW without including your name or your agency’s name.  OVW is requesting that we forward your questions to them by COB Monday, 7/16./18 so please respond accordingly.


OVW intends on recording the webinar and posting for future viewing.


To join the Adobe Connect webinar, click on the below link:https://ovw.adobeconnect.com/rp8pe5ghsvy1/


  1. Enter the room as a guest and type in your name.
  2. When prompted, choose the audio option for the system to call you, and enter your phone number.