OVW Solicitations and VAWA Reauthorization


AVA met via conference call on Monday, April 9 with OVW and had a very productive meeting.

We wanted to share two pieces of information that came from our discussion. Several of you have asked if AVA had updates about STOP solicitations and/or the VAWA Reauthorization.

Here’s what we learned from OVW:

OVW Solicitations 

The STOP formula and the SASP solicitations are currently going through the final approval process. OVW hopes to release them in the “very near future”. OVW was careful not to give a precise date because they want to provide the best and most accurate information possible.

OVW plans to release the SASP formula grant solicitation first. Approximately two weeks later, they will release the STOP Formula Grant solicitation. At the time each solicitation is released, you will receive FY18 allocation amounts for your state/territory.

Administrators will have 4-6 weeks to complete the solicitations/applications.

VAWA Reauthorization

OVW does not have any updates to report at this time.

They emphasized that the reauthorization is not driven by them in any way. OVW stated that they are aware of ongoing conversations between congressional leaders and advocacy groups hoping to inform the reauthorization but added that they are not currently part of those conversations.

We will share all updates as we learn more.

Take care,