AVA/OVW Conference Call Summary – April 2018


APRIL 9, 2018

11:00 – 12:00 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST)


OVW Staff: OVW Associate Director Amy Loder, SASP Team Lead Melissa Schmisek, STOP Program Managers Latonya Eaddy, Kim Galvan and Omar Mohammed


AVA Board Members:  Julia Fuller-Wilson, Cecilia Miller, Jade Palin, Michelle Bynum, Bill Schaefer, Merry Wills,

                                                    Tina Chamberlain


AVA Executive Director:     Barry Bryant





VAWA Reauthorization

No updates from OVW.


STOP Solicitation Release

OVW will release the STOP Solicitation two weeks after the SASP Solicitation is released. Administrators can expect the usual timeframe of up to six weeks to submit applications.


New Administrator Contact Information

AVA asked if OVW is informed when there are changes with administrators’ personnel, phone numbers, emails, and addresses. OVW only receives changes through GMS or when an administrator is in direct contact with their program manager. OVW recommends updating information in GMS any time contact information for the point of contact changes. AVA will provide OVW with updates for primary and secondary contacts when available. AVA will consider providing guidelines for new administrators to know when starting out.


Feedback on the Implementation Plan (IP)

AVA shared the challenges expressed by administrators during the Implementation Plan development process, including the need for feedback from OVW, communication about the approval process, the time involved in meeting the requirements for the IP, and the potential gaps in funding due to delays on IP approval. OVW understands the challenges and welcomes the feedback from AVA.


OVW recommends that states utilize the checklist and template to ensure a quicker approval from OVW. Ongoing outreach, strategic planning, and nurturing relationships and during the next three to four years will reduce the work necessary to meet requirements when the next plan is due.


OVW suggests that for those administrators who need assistance in justifying the effort required within their work units for developing the IP to contact AVA for assistance and contact information for OVW’s Assistant Director.


OVW will continue to listen to AVA and administrators and think about ways to increase communication with administrators and make improvements on implementation planning requirements.

Updates to the IP for the STOP application

AVA asked OVW how changes to the 2017-2020 Implementation Plan should be documented for the STOP application. OVW responded that if significant changes are made, a new implementation plan should be submitted. If no changes are made or minor changes are needed (i.e. changing a stakeholder or someone identified to work with), administrators should respond by identifying those changes in a certification letter to OVW. This letter is to reflect changes for the current time period.


Tribal Consultation

AVA expressed thanks to OVW for providing technical assistance from the OVW Tribal Affairs Division during the recent STOP Conference on meaningful collaboration with tribes. AVA advocated on behalf of administrators that OVW extend an invitation to tribal coalitions at the next STOP Conference to increase collaboration and improve strategic planning efforts.


Next Call:  July 9, 2018 at 11:00 am EST.