Woman Rides 10,000 Miles for Domestic Violence Awareness

Hope by Horseback: Woman Rides 10,000 Miles for Domestic Violence Awareness

BALTIC, S.D.-A California woman is on a mission to spread hope across all 48 continental states. She calls it the Centauride. It’s a ten thousand mile ride by horseback. She’s already a year and a half into her four year trip. Her route took her from Baltic to Dell Rapids on August 17th.

So far Meredith Cherry and her ten-year-old horse, Apollo have been to 18 states, creating a conversation around domestic violence and spreading a hopeful message.

“There is help out there. There are people willing to help you, not just all of the many domestic violence services that are available through non-profits and law enforcement, but just your neighbors and your family and your friends,” said Meredith Cherry, a Domestic Violence Survivor.

It’s a topic she’s all too familiar with.

“I was in an abusive relationship for about a dozen years and when I left I was trying to decide what to do with my life and decided I wanted to travel,” said Meredith.

Being a horse lover, riding cross country on horseback seemed like a no brainer. However, she wanted the trip to be more meaningful. So along the way she shares her story to anyone who will listen.

“It’s not a comfortable subject and that’s part of why it’s not often talked about, but it’s a wonderful experience to help people who have been through it,” said Meredith.

Many people enjoy talking with her.

“Most people have been in an abusive relationship or knows someone who has and so it’s been a very positive response to my message and a lot of support from people,” said Meredith.

All her belongings hang from Apollo’s saddle. She relies on strangers for a place for them to stay.

“It’s been very good we’ve been able to find people to help us along the way with safe places to stay at night and water and whatever else we need along the way,” said Meredith.

She says so far it’s been an adventure and looking back she’s glad she made this decision.

On August 18th they will be headed to Flandreau and Brookings. From there up to the North Dakota Border. If you see them, Meredith says stop and say hi.

You can also follow their adventure online: http://www.centauride.org/

And follow them on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/MsMeredithCherry/