VAWA Reauthorization


Hello VAWA Administrators!

I want to give you a status report on the VAWA Reauthorization that we learned about last Friday during a conversation with our congressional contact in D.C.

Our contact shared that the Reauthorization Bill (House Bill HR 1585) passed through the Judiciary Committee two weeks ago and the full House will vote this Wednesday on that same version of the 2019 VAWA Reauthorization.

Our contact provided a link to that bill, and I am sharing it below. The bill is currently 171 pages long and I encourage you to try to find time to thumb through it so that you can stay informed.

It is important to note that the attached Bill is the House version of the VAWA Reauthorization. Senators Ernst and Feinstein are working on their own version of the reauthorization in the Senate and when I have that version, I will share it with you.

During my conversation with our contact, it seemed clear that they are open to feedback from AVA so, on your behalf, we will be glad to share concerns or questions with them that you may have about the reauthorization.

Thank you for all that you do and the link is below:


Take care,