Peer-to-Peer Meeting in Seattle, October 2018

AVA Conducts Peer-to-Peer Mentoring in Seattle

AVA held the most recent Peer-to-Peer (P2P) mentoring/assistance workshop last week at the Crowne Plaza in Seattle, WA.

The P2P program continues to gain momentum and popularity among VAWA Administrators as 19 administrators from 14 states and Guam attended the fifth regional mentoring meeting on October 24th and 25th, 2018.

The mentoring program included meaningful discussion on many timely topics including risk assessments, Muskie reporting, Implementation Plans, Subgrantee site visits, federal audits, and an update on the 2018 VAWA Reauthorization.

AVA Board and staff are grateful to each of the P2P participants who stayed actively engaged throughout both days of training and shared so many of the resources that they are using in their state/territory.

Based on the overwhelmingly positive evaluations, we gained valuable insight that will help us continue to fine tune P2P mentoring for the future.

There were many resource documents shared at the meeting, particularly on programmatic and financial site visit monitoring.  These documents and more have been uploaded to the Members Resources section of the AVA website for your current and future reference.  They can be found here.  They are marked as ***New***


See photos below ……..and if you’d like a little music while enjoying the photos, click the audio file below.


Pictured from left to right: Tracy Poulin (ME);  Amy Baynes (TN);  Tina Chamberlain (MT/AVA Board);  Merry Wills (NE/AVA Board);  Laura Russell (OK);  Nakia Harris (LA);  Michelle Parks (MO);  Martha Washington (NV);  Stephanie Lowery (OK);  Tina Utley (MO);  Natalie Scarpino (IA);  Janelle Melohn (IA);  Shira Phelps (WS);  Diane Casto (AK);  Kim Larson (OR); Julia Fuller -Wilson (VA/AVA Board);  Donald Stout (TX).

Pictured in front squatting: Raymond Blas (GU); Barry Bryant (AVA).  Standing: Evonnie Hocog (GU).  Not pictured: Diana Fleming (OR/AVA Board).


Some of the AVA Board at the Peer to Peer included: Tina Chamberlain, Julia Fuller-Wilson, Diana Fleming, Merry Wills and Cecilia Miller.