OVW STOP Rule Webinars – January 12, 2017

From Amy Loder – 12/5/16
Good afternoon.
As many of you know, the “Conforming STOP Violence Against Women Formula Grant Program Regulations to Statutory Change; Definitions and Confidentiality Requirements Applicable to All OVW Grant Programs” (STOP Rule) was released last week. OVW is hosting a webinar for all OVW grant recipients on January 5, 2017.  However, the STOP Program is most impacted by the new rule. We want to ensure that you have sufficient time to understand the changes and ask questions that are most relevant to you. Therefore, OVW will host two (repeat sessions) conference calls for STOP Administrators on January 12, 2017 at 11 am ET and 4 pm ET. Marnie Shiels, Attorney Advisor will discuss the changes most pertinent to the STOP Program. You may submit questions in advance to Jocelyn Harrison at Jocelyn.Harrison@usdoj.gov. There will be time for questions during the presentation, as well.
Conference call information:
January 12, 2017
Session 1: 11 am ET
Session 2: 4 pm ET
Dial-in Number641.715.3580
Access code: 760879
You are certainly welcome to attend the webinar on January 5, but I encourage you to attend one of the conference calls on January 12 because these sessions are specific to STOP Administrators.
Please contact your Program Manager if you have any questions.
Amy Loder
Associate Director
Office on Violence Against Women
145 N Street, NE
Suite 10W
Washington, DC 20530