FY 2023 Implementation Plan – Important Info!

Please find additional guidance from OVW that we are sharing based on feedback received by a VAWA colleague.

You may have already received something similar from your OVW Program Manager.  The information is so timely that we wanted to be sure to post it as a reminder or in the event that you had not seen it yet.

From OVW:

“We’ve received several inquiries about what type of document must be submitted for the FY 2023 STOP application. Because of changes in VAWA 2022, states must develop and submit an implementation plan update in FY 2023.

Specifically, states must submit an amendment document explaining how it will meet the requirements of 34 U.S.C. 12291(b). This is addressed on page 16 of the 2023 STOP Solicitation and includes a link to additional information on the relevant award conditions. For your convenience, here is the direct link to that document, New STOP Certification and Implementation Plan Information on Meeting Applicable Requirements.

OVW asks that you only submit an amendment document rather than resubmitting the entire implementation plan. In addition to this amendment document, you must also submit updated letters from Courts, Law Enforcement, Prosecution, and Victim Services. Details on this requirement can also be found on page 16 of the solicitation.”

If you have any questions about the solicitation or required application documents, please reach out to your OVW Program Manager.

Take care,