Crime Data – Published by the Council of State Governments Justice Center

Good morning!

I am sharing a link with you today related to data gathered and published by the Council of State Governments Justice Center through a BJA funded project.  A special thanks to NCJA for sharing the data with me.  Primarily the data relates to crime trends from 2021 and 2022.

If I were still a VAWA or VOCA administrator I would find the information incredibly helpful as it relates to crime in every state and in D.C.  There is a wealth of information about crime topics, broken down by state, such as:

  • homicide rates
  • causes of death by race and ethnicity
  • number of alcohol induced deaths/fatal drug overdoses
  • number of suicide deaths and suicide rate per 100,000
  • Unsolved crime rates by Law Enforcement
  • Extensive prison, jail, and community corrections data

It is possible that you are already familiar with the crime data for your state but in case you need more information, I hope that you find this data useful.

Here’s the link to the data:

Take care and I hope this is useful information to you and all that you do.