AVA/OVW Conference Call Summary – January 2017

Summary of

Monthly Conference Call between AVA& OVW

Date: Monday, January 9, 2017

Time: 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time


OVW Staff: OVW Associate Director Amy Loder, STOP Program Managers Kim Galvin, Latonya Eaddy, Omar Mohammed, and Kevin Sweeney

AVA Board Members: Michelle Bynum, MaryEllen Garcia, Bill Schaefer and Diana Fleming

AVA Executive Director: Dorene Whitworth




Eligible Expenses under STOP

The eligible use of STOP admin funds was discussed during this call. OVW acknowledged that administrators don’t have a specific budget but that these funds are to be used for things directly related to administering the STOP program, e.g. monitoring, salaries, training, travel, etc. Where travel is concerned, OVW’s priority is that administrators attend the annual STOP conference and administrators should budget accordingly now that they need to pay their own expenses for the annual conference.

It was acknowledged that each state uses their admin dollars differently. Two terms arose from this discussion: what is directly related vs. what is helping to administer. Historically administrators have used admin funds to attend training events both in-state and out of state to broaden their knowledge base and develop working relationships with various disciplines. It was suggested that we table this conversation to allow Amy to do some additional research and discuss this further with OVW legal. They did confirm that using STOP admin funds for AVA dues is allowable.


AVA Peer-to-Peer

The next AVA peer meeting will be held in Austin, Texas in February. The past peer meetings have been well received and some administrators plan to attend future meetings to further their under­standing of STOP administration. To date we’ve received registrations from 11 people from 9 states.


STOP conference planning

AVA inquired into the timeline for when a draft agenda will be available for the annual conference. Many administrators need the agenda in addition to the notification letter in order to secure travel approvals. Amy discussed that the draft agenda is currently in the works and will be released as soon as possible.


AVA also inquired into the reference of there being limited availability for states to bring two people and that these would be considered on a first come, first serve basis. Amy explained that this was in reference to the availability of scholarship funds that ALSO can offer. If states have their own funds to bring two people, they will not be restricted to one slot.


Conference Call – VAWA Regulations

Amy discussed that this week’s call will not duplicate the last call on the VAWA regulations but will delve deeper into those specific to STOP. The regulations were effective 12/29/2016. AVA members also discussed the 1996 Congressional Review Act and questioned whether this might impact the VAWA regulations. This Act essentially allows Congress to review and/or repeal anything passed since June 2016 following a presidential election. It was generally agreed that it is doubtful to affect the VAWA regulations but will be something to watch for.



Next Call: Feb 6th at 11:00 EST.