2021 VAWA Reauthorization Act – More Info

Yesterday, I posted information about the 2021 VAWA Reauthorization Act.   I wanted to follow-up on that post by encouraging you to take the time to review two of the attachments.

In yesterday’s post, there was a section by section analysis (included below) that is 13 pages long but a good overview of what is included in each section of the Bill and a brief summary of what is being added.


I’m hopeful that some of you will have the time to review this section by section analysis and share if you find the language to be an improvement or if any part of the language causes you concern.


Finally, there is the full Bill language (included below) as well.  This is more daunting to read as it is 258 pages but it cites the specific paragraphs/language being stricken and the language being added in its place.


If anyone has time to review this as well and provide feedback, it would be very timely as well.


We seem to have a small window of opportunity to suggest or recommend a few technical changes.  Although it’s not likely that the Senate will consider this Bill anytime soon, it’s always better to react quickly and provide feedback as soon as possible.


A section-by-section analysis is available here.


A copy of the bill is available here.



Thank you!