New Grantee Orientation – Follow Up Info from OW

Please see the below update from Omar Mohommed/OVW on the upcoming New Grantee Orientation.





As the New Grantee Orientation (NGO) mandatory meeting draws near; please allow this message to serve as a follow-up to the email sent December 11, 2020 from OVW Associate Director Amy Loder (OVW Formula New Grantee Orientation.) The email provided information outlining registration information and instructions (forthcoming from Leidos, the contracting company who will be handling the logistics of the New Grantee Orientation), a few Q&As, an agenda, and requirements. To this end, the special condition on all Coalition, SASP, and STOP awards instructs new State Administrators (SAA) and Coalition Directors to attend the entire NGO. As a reminder, use the information listed below as guidance on attendance.


Any SAA and any Coalition Director serving 4 years or less in their position/role is required to attend the entire NGO. There should be some individuals who have more than 4 years in their position now, but did not when the original NGO was set to take place. They are required to attend.


SAAs who pass-through SASP and/or STOP funds and Coalition Directors that receive pass-through SASP and/or STOP funds are required to attend the Formula Pass-through session on Thursday, March 4, regardless of how long they have been in their position or acted as a pass-through entity.


Finally, individuals who are not required to attend the NGO may attend any or all of the sessions. In fact, OVW encourage all SAAs and Coalitions Directors to have additional staff attend the sessions. If you believe you received this message in error, please respond immediately.

Please contact your Program Manager if you have any questions.



Omar Mohammed, JD