AVA/OVW Conference Call – March 2013

Hello STOP Administrators:

On March 11, 2013, the AVA Board met for our regular monthly meeting via conference call with the OVW STOP team. Below is a summary of our discussions.

STOP Conference in Louisville:

AVA thanked OVW and ALSO for working with AVA throughout the planning process for this year’s conference. AVA got positive feedback from administrators about the conference. OVW discussed that they too got similar feedback on both the STOP and WOCN conference.

AVA discussed that most of those we talked with regarding the new administrator’s orientation relayed that the roundtable discussions near the end of the day were very beneficial. Administrators seemed to like the more intimate setting that allowed for more personal dialog on specific issues.

We did inquire into the decision not to host the SASP meeting this year as this created a lot of questions and discussion among administrators. Michelle Brickley outlined that this was primarily a fiscal decision – the Resource Sharing Project as the TA provider for the SASP Program didn’t have sufficient monies to bring all administrators in for a separate conference or to host an additional day every year after the STOP Conference. It was decided that the most economical way to accomplish this would be to do a one-day meeting following the STOP conference on the years that the coalitions were present since in many states the coalitions are actively involved with the SASP program. OVW and RSP both recognize that one day is really not sufficient time to cover everything needed under that program so they are looking into other options.

VAWA Reauthorization:

Michele Brickley indicated OVW is not in a position to speak about the changes just yet. They are still evaluating what those changes mean on both a federal and state level. Kim Galvin reiterates that while OVW needs to ensure compliance with the legislation, they too advocate for the needs of administrators. Dorene Whitworth discussed her conversations with Marnie Shiels about AVA and OVW working together to draft information on VAWA 2013 to send out to administrators.

Implementation Plan:

OVW has been discussing the question of whether they are going to forego a full plan in 2013. They recognize that some states have already started the planning process and they don’t want to discount the work that has been initiated. They are also looking into what should be included in the 2013 solicitation, e.g. should they allow a continuation of last year’s plan but offer guidance as to what administrators should consider for their plan in 2014 under the new VAWA?

Michelle described that VAWA 2013 requires a full plan every year. This is actually similar to the previous language but internally OVW allowed for a full plan every three years with a letter from administrators if no significant changes were anticipated in the following 2 years. The OVW legal department is currently reviewing everything to determine if they can continue with the 3-year planning cycle. Additionally, if they can continue with this strategy, they are working to see what the best approach will be for keeping states on same schedule.

The 2013 solicitation is still expected to come out in mid-April. None of the new purpose areas will be included since those won’t take effect until 2014.


Michelle Brickley indicated they really have no additional information. There is no FY 2013 budget just yet – they are still operating under continuing resolution. If that continues, they will proceed at 2012 funding levels but the sequestration cuts could hit that level of funding. She is hesitant to speak to this due to the uncertainty at this time.


Maureen Monagle, AVA President, described that she stayed the full week in Louisville. Although it made for a very long week, she relayed that the WOCN did a really good job. OVW strongly encouraged administrators to attend the upcoming workshop in Albuquerque, NM on April 10-11, 2013. Registration information is available at:

STOP Administrator Action Meeting New Strategies and Practices to Reach and Resource Underserved, Un-Served, and Inadequately Served Communities

You may need to contact the WOCN if you wish to attend as this site says the deadline has passed.

Next month’s call with OVW is scheduled of April 1, 2013. If you have a specific issue you’d like AVA to discuss with OVW, please contact Dorene Whitworth at Dorene.whitworth@yahoo.com or by phone at 775-721-4691.