AVA/OVW Conference Call – April 2013

Hello STOP Administrators:

Earlier this month, the AVA Board met for its regular monthly meeting via conference call with the OVW STOP Team. Below is a summary of the discussion.

VAWA Reauthorization:

Although this topic was discussed during this call, a comprehensive summary of VAWA 2013 was provided via the listserv and posted on the AVA Website on April 19, 2011. That summary includes any additional information that may have been covered during his call. Please contact Dorene Whitworth at Dorene.whitworth@yahoo.com if you’d like another copy emailed to you.

2013 Implementation Plan:

OVW will include language in the solicitation that offers administrators the flexibility to submit a new plan or a continuation letter indicating no changes will be made at this time. Since some states have already drafted a new plan for 2013, OVW wanted to give them the opportunity to submit that plan if they choose. However, a new plan for the 2014-2016 Planning Cycle will still need to be submitted with the FY 2014 STOP application. The 2013 solicitation will include language providing instruction on what is expected in the 2014 Plan based on the changes in VAWA 2013.


The continuing resolution that passed the end of March continues STOP funding at 2012 levels; however, the sequestration will hit that funding at a minimum of 5%. Since the budget had just passed, no additional information was available relating to a timetable on this. Michelle Brickley suggests states plan for a minimum of 5% reduction. She indicated that for purposes of the application, administrators should use the same figure as last year and OVW will make any adjustments based on sequestration when they have more information.

Special Condition:

Michelle Brickley discussed that they are currently drafting instructional language regarding the Implementation Plan requirements. We also discussed the reference to equipment purchases being unallowable under STOP. Michelle clarified that funds can be used on equipment such as computers, cameras, etc. However, STOP funds cannot be used to purchase standard-issue equipment for law enforcement such as bullet-proof vests, weapons, etc. AVA discussed that this determination is particularly problematic for small rural agencies as they are not large enough to qualify for other equipment grants. Could there be an exception to this ruling if an agency applies to expand the unit with a new person, e.g. can STOP funds be used to provide the STOP-funded position with standard-issue equipment? The federal legislation does not provide specifics on equipment purchases; the decision on standard-issue equipment a policy decision at OVW. This discussion also created an additional question regarding whether the purchase of standard-issue equipment could then be applied as match if it’s not an eligible expense with grant funds. Michelle will bring this topic into their discussions with OVW legal.

Next month’s call with OVW is scheduled of May 6, 2013. If you have a specific issue you’d like AVA to discuss with OVW, please contact Dorene Whitworth at Dorene.whitworth@yahoo.com or by phone at 775-721-4691.