AVA is Seeking New Board Members !

The Association of VAWA Administrators (AVA) is seeking new board members to be voted in during our June 16, 2023 meeting!

AVA leadership should be reflective of our VAWA membership across the country through representation from various geographic regions, VAWA staff who are new to the field, those that have years of experience and ensuring that the Board reflects diversity in race, ethnicity and gender.

We want and need you to help lead our VAWA Administrators through these challenging times!

A few things to consider:

  • AVA Board members serve two-year terms which can be renewed up to 4 times.
  • AVA Board members meet monthly to talk about the needs of our peers.
  • AVA Board members communicate with OVW to maintain constant communication regarding upcoming solicitations, changes, trends,trainings, and more.
  • AVA Board members usually dedicate about 1-3 hours a month!

We need your vision, we need your voice.  We hope you are interested in joining this creative leadership group, so please complete the attached form and email it to barry@avadministrators.org.

When I receive your form I will call you to provide more information about serving on the Board, general time commitment, election process, etc.

Thank you in advance for your interest in serving on the AVA Board!