STOP Solicitation – Summary Data Sheet

April 14, 2016


Hello STOP Administrators,

I’ve been in contact with Amy Loder, Associate Director at OVW, about a question that arose in regard to the STOP solicitation. There is a reference to the Summary Data Sheet on page 12 of the solicitation under which No. 3 requires a

“Statement as to whether the organization applying will serve as a “pass through entity” (a fiscal agent/sponsor) for an organization or organizations that will ultimately implement the project. If so, the applicant must include a statement acknowledging that, should an award be made, it would be responsible for all statutory, fiscal and programmatic requirements, including those of 2 CFR Part 200, as well as all project deliverables. The organization applying for the award must also list all of the entities it will enter into agreements with to perform the work, and should include a description of how these entities intend to accomplish the purposes of the award.”

It seemed to me that this would apply more to a discretionary grant application rather than the formula program. Amy agreed and confirmed that the solicitation comes from a template used by OVW and she’s pretty sure this section just wasn’t removed when they finalized it for the STOP program. She asked that administrators simply indicate that they are a pass through entity; however, you do not need to provide a list of future or past recipients and how those entities intend to accomplish the purposes of the award.

I hope I was able to catch you before you spent too much time on this section of the application. If you have any other questions in regard to the solicitation, please let me know.

Dorene Whitworth
Executive Director