President Biden’s FY25 Budget re VAWA

Good morning/afternoon.  President Biden’s FY25 Budget was released today and posted on the OMB’s website.  I am sharing two links that provide more specific detail about this budget.

The following link is a 44 page document that is the DOJ Appendix for the FY25 Budget.

You can find VAWA specific information starting at the bottom of page 36 (the page numbering is a bit confusing) and continuing to page 38.

My interpretation of the budget is that there is $255 million allocated for VAWA STOP Formula grant funding.

Here’s a second link to multiple fact sheets that are more of a narrative of what the budget seeks to address.  If you watched the State of the Union last week, it seems to be a summary of some of the key elements of the Budget that Biden highlighted in his address.

Feel free to discuss this with your VAWA Administrator colleagues here on this listserv if you have any questions.

It is possible that you may also get additional information from your OVW Program Manager.

Take care,