AVA Peer to Peer

Happy Monday to all of you and I hope your weekend was enjoyable and relaxing!

As many of you know, AVA recently held a Peer-to-Peer meeting in Denver in late May.  Based on personal observation and very positive survey feedback, I think it was the most successful P2P to date.

Because some of you have expressed interest, the AVA Board and I are contemplating holding another Peer-to-Peer in October, on the east coast this time.  We would likely review some of the same key topics that were discussed in Denver, including Implementation Planning, Managing Staff Burnout, VAWA Reauthorization, Grant Monitoring, STOP Reporting Requirements, and whatever else comes up during the two-day discussion.

We are reaching out to you and find out if there is enough interest to schedule another P2P as early as October.  Please let us know if you are interested.  We will likely cap attendance at 25 again so that everyone in attendance has sufficient time to engage/interact during the meeting.

We truly appreciate your feedback and will support the first 25 requests we get with consideration first for:

1) AVA dues-paying members

2) VAWA Administrators who were not in attendance at the Denver P2P.

Feel free to express your interest whether you fit into these areas or not so that you and I can have a conversation about your possible attendance.

Take care and please respond as soon as you can to avadirectorbb@gmail.com.