AVA Peer to Peer – Wisconsin, June 11-12, 2024

AVA held their ninth Peer-to-Peer meeting in Madison, Wisconsin on June 11-12, 2024.

Twenty VAWA Administrators from across the U.S. participated in this resource and information sharing conversation.

Peer-to-Peers began in 2016 to allow administrators to create an agenda which they design that includes discussion of topics they are challenged by  – and ways to learn how their peers are working through these challenges.

Over 140 administrators have participated in these events since 2016.


Please see below for a photo of those in attendance.


Bottom row, left to right

Lisa Moore – Indiana
Moriah Pease-Utah
Brionna Talbot- Utah
Tanya Bauer-PA
Valina Carpenter-CT
Laura Russell-OK

Second row, left to right
Mark Hertweck – KY
Tawny Rogers-MT
Barry Bryant – ED
Amy Baynes-TN
Justin Wartzenluft – WI

Third row, left to right
Tina Utley-Missouri
Jackie Hoover – MT
Teresa Nienow – WI

Top row, left to right
Lori Miller – IA
Robert Harmon – OK
Leanna Liska – WI
Courtney Watson-WI
Shawn Sitzman-WY
Harleen Johal -CA