AVA Annual Strategic Planning Meeting

The AVA Board of Directors recently held their annual strategic planning meeting.  At these meetings, AVA Board members spend a full day strategizing and developing measures to improve the technical assistance that they offer to VAWA Administrators.

During these in-person meetings, AVA Board members review their goals from the past year and measure success at reaching those goals.  Board members also set new goals for the coming year.

While the Board is always looking to add new services to administrators, the bulk of the conversation centers around enhancing and continuing core services like:

  • responding to daily emails and phone calls from administrators
  • providing AVA Connect Conversation Zoom calls every other month
  • offering Peer-to-Peer meetings twice each year
  • setting up Peer mentoring for administrators as needed
  • continuing our listserv which allows for the sharing of ideas and resources
  • conducting annual meetings where administrators receive updates on AVA’s accomplishments and the election of new Board members