AVA Annual Meeting – Postponed

Happy Friday Everyone!

The AVA Board just met today and we have decided to postpone the March 24, 2020 annual meeting.

We are not ready to set a firm reschedule date because we think that you, like us, may have other things more critical, that you need to attend to at this time.

While our annual meeting is very important, it is not comparable to all that you are confronting now with pandemic health concerns, travel bans, closures and cancellations, etc.

When times are a bit calmer, we will reschedule and we certainly hope that you will actively participate in our annual meeting.

We thank you for your understanding,  I encourage you to call me or email me if you have any ongoing challenges that are causing you to feel overwhelmed.

We are your colleagues and we are your friends and we look forward to spending time with you soon!