2024 STOP Formula Grant Application – Quick Guide

ALSO STAAR sent out a link today that you likely have already received.  In case you did not, the link below is for a Quick Guide to the 2024 STOP Formula Grant Application.  This information looks like it could be very helpful/useful to each of you.


This is the message that accompanied their email:

“Dear STOP Administrators:

In response to questions about the 2024 STOP Solicitation, the ALSO STAAR TA team has created a new resource with answers about application components. The Quick Guide to the 2024 STOP Solicitation contains links to important documents and resources, including:

  • A list of important required attachments;
  • Answers to questions about submitting a STOP Implementation Plan “No Amendments” letter or a STOP IP update;
  • A link to the Certification of Compliance with the STOP statutory eligibility requirements;
  • A Status of Compliance template for providing descriptions of the status of the state’s or territory’s compliance with the statutory eligibility requirements; and
  • A link to a sample Delivery of Legal Assistance Certification Letter.”

My apologies if you are receiving this twice but we just want to make sure that you have the link.

Take care,