2023 OVW STOP VAWA Solicitation

Good morning.  I hope that all of you have had a fantastic week.

You probably received the following email from Amy Loder today but just in case you did not, we wanted to make sure you were aware of what she shared.

Here are Amy’s email comments:

Good morning.

The STOP solicitation has posted to the OVW website. It may be accessed at: OVW Fiscal Year 2023 STOP Formula Grant Program – Solicitation (justice.gov)

Registration, Submission and Deadlines

Please review the solicitation thoroughly and begin the submission process early to ensure a successful submission. All applicants must follow the two-step process to submit an application: (1) submission of the SF-424 and SF-LLL in Grants.gov and (2) submission of the full application including attachments in the Justice Grants System (JustGrants).

There are two deadlines that applicants must be mindful of: Grants.gov Deadline: June 12, 2023; and the Application JustGrants Deadline: June 15, 2023. Applicants must submit the SF-424 and SF-LLL in Grants.gov by the deadline to submit an application in JustGrants. Please begin the submission process early.

Implementation Plan Updates

As a reminder, everyone is required to submit an Implementation Plan update in FY 2023, including certain required elements, which are listed below. You must adequately address each element. Failure to include all required elements of the Implementation Plan updates will result in a delay in access to funds.


  1. An explanation of how the state will meet the requirements of 34 U.S.C. 12291(b), as applicable. See OVW website for information on which specific requirements the state needs to comply with.
  2. Documentationfrom the prosecution, law enforcement, court, and victim services programs to be assisted, describing the need for grant funds, the intended use of the grant funds, the expected results of the grant funds, and the demographic characteristics of the populations to be served including age, disability, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, and language background. This may be in the form of letters from current grantees or statewide organizations representing prosecution, law enforcement, courts, and victim services able to comment on the current and proposed use of grant funds. If the letters submitted with the 2022 implementation plan included demographic data on gender identity and sexual orientation (which were added in VAWA 2022 and therefore not required in the 2022 plans), then the state may resubmit the previous letters. Please note, there should be four letters submitted (or resubmitted), one for each category of law enforcement, prosecution, victim services, and courts.


A statement as to whether any additional changes are being made to the 2022 approved implementation plan. If changes are made, then the statement must specify the changes that were made, and an explanation of what consultation was done in developing and approving the changes.

The Implementation Plan updates must be included with your FY 2023 STOP application. If you need access to your FY 2023 STOP award immediately to make subawards contact your Program Manager and let them know so we can prioritize the review of your Implementation Plan updates.

STOP Allocations

The STOP allocations are not currently available. You can assume that your award amount will increase from FY 2022 because the overall appropriation increased for FY 2023. For application submission purposes, you should use the FY 2022 allocations. OVW will correct the award amounts when we generate the SASP awards. I will send the FY 2023 allocations as soon as they become available.

Registration and Submission Difficulties

If you encounter any technical problems with JustGrants, please contact the appropriate help desk below.

Applicants experiencing technical difficulties with SAM should go to https://www.fsd.gov/gsafsd_sp.

Applicants experiencing technical difficulties with Grants.gov should contact support@grants.gov.

Applicants experiencing technical difficulties with JustGrants should contact OVW.JustGrantsSupport@usdoj.gov.

If you have any programmatic questions, please contact your Grant Manager.



Amy Loder

Associate Director


202.305.2971 (office)

202.598.9447 (cell)



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